W1 Fountain

W1 Fountain image

Ridgeford Developments in partnership with City of Westminster have brought together five world-renowned architects who submitted drinking fountain designs based on the imaginative and creative drawings of the primary children at St Vincent's School.

Five talented architecture firms in the area volunteered to participate in the project. Simon Bowden, Make Architects, HoK, Campbell Architects and Works Architects were all given the portfolio of student drawings and asked to use the pictures as inspiration.

Like magic, the architects brought to life the colourful images on paper into beautifully designed fountains.

DRINK Fountain

Calla Gramophone Fountain

Sprout Fountain

Paper Cup Fountain

Bronze Flower Fountain

Stone 3 Piers Fountain

Rocket Fountain

The architects' fountain proposals are now being presented to the Marylebone community to allow the locals to have their voices heard in their future fountain. Once the final design has been chosen, it will be built in Paddington Street Gardens South.