The Listed Hall, London W1

Courtyard entrance

Ridgeford Developments Ltd moved into The Listed Hall space in June 2014 and have transformed it into their office space, containing three glass offices and boardroom which are centralised in order to protect the listed murals around the perimeter of the hall.

The murals are attributed to Katherine Anne (Nan) West, RA (1904-1940). Nan West was the daughter of Henry West who was Chairman of the Governors of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, at the time that the mural ‘Cycle of Seasons, 1927’, was commissioned for the outpatients hall of the RNOH. They are the some of the largest surviving murals in London of that period and so an extremely precious part of history to cherish.

The office is accessed through the double height entry lobby of Fitzrovia Apartments and has lovely views of the landscaped courtyard and infinity pond feature.