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Ridgeford is a member of the Portland Village Association – a local amenity association that focuses specifically on issues concerning the north eastern edge of Marylebone. Ridgeford Managing Director, Chris Murray is one of the founding members of the Portland Village Association. The Association acts as a channel of communication to local government and a platform for local business to work together in areas of mutual interest. Its ultimate purpose is to promote and protect our neighbourhood and the quality of amenity it should provide.

With considerable support from local residents and businesses, the Portland Village Association demonstrates the extent of positive change achievable through working together.

The next PVA event is our Summer Reception on Tuesday 19th June 2012 from 18.30hrs – 20.00hrs, at the RIBA hosted by Angela Brady, President, RIBA. We are also proud to introduce Alan Baxter, CBE of Alan Baxter & Associates as guest speaker.

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